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X-Type Microfiber Floor Cleaning mop

X-Type Microfiber Floor Cleaning mop

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Experience the ultimate in floor cleaning with the X-Type Microfiber Floor Cleaning mop. This innovative mop features a 1-hook, Hand-Free Wash Self Wringing Flat Mop, and 360 Degree Dry/Wet feature, making cleaning a breeze. The rotated mop head and long handle allow for easy access to hard-to-reach corners, while the built-in multipurpose scraper effortlessly removes hair and stains from the mop pad. With its convenient self-wringing and efficient flat edge, this plastic floor mop is a must-have for any kitchen, hardwood, laminate, wood, or tile floors. Don't wait, get yours now and enjoy effortless cleaning with a total weight of 900!

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